The Andes call you to come here!

Welcome to PeruWildTreks, founded in beggining of 2019 .we are a tour operator based in Cusco, the heart of the ancient Inca empire.

We specialize in Alternative treks and Tours to Machu Picchu  and the Inca trail. We offer a variety of services and by giving our guides, cooks, horsemen and porters consistent work all year round we are able to keep an experienced team together and therefore attract some of the best and hardworking staff available.

Due to being a new and upcoming company, we can offer unbeatable prices without compromising quality. We take pride in offering the best Price and an excellent treatment to our PERU WILD TREKS customers ( not to be confused with another organization or company).

PeruWildTreks is a profesional tour operator with an experienced office staff and local guides. We take pride in looking after our team and pay our trekking staff well above average wages. In addition a percentage of our profits goes towards our social projects like improve life and help newborn babies and helping the traditional dance groups in cusco; either organized directly by ourselves or in association with local non-governmental organizations (NGO’s).

PeruWildTreks fully supports the principles of responsible travel and sustainable tourism and has been working hard to demonstrate that it is possible to provide an excellent quality service whilst being culturally sensitive, looking after our trekking staff and helping to conserve the environment. In our opinion the only way to improve trekking standards and reduce the impact of tourism on the environment is to provide  quality information to our tourists, charge a fair and reasonable price for the services provided (with no hidden extras) and demonstrate that our company is working toward conservation of the environment as well as looking after the well-being of those persons who work for PeruWildTreks and those communities that we visit as part of our tours by giving back to our commmunity.

PeruWildTreks is a local trekking company with offices located in Cusco. The owner, Angelica Zuniga, was born in Cusco and everyone in . Our staff  is Peruvian. All of our guides and tour leaders are from the Cusco region with the majority coming from villages in the surrounding countryside. Our web page has a brief profile of each of our team members.

Angelica Zuniga (Founder of PeruWildTreks)

Angelica (Angui) was born in Ollantaytambo and brought up in Vilcabamba, the last inca refuge before moving back to Cusco to study Company Administration. She is one of eight brothers and sisters,has travelled Peru widely  and has been organizing treks since 2018 and working in the travel industry since 2016.

Darwin M (Office Manager, Director )

Darwin is another one of our great tour guides, he is also in charge of  taking all reservations, answering  phone calls and responding to any emails. He’s been doing this for more than 10 years as a guide and has a variety of experience and knowledge, which can explain why he has gone slightly mad. Initially, he was just going to do this job for a few months, cant seem to get away from it, his own fault for doing such a  great job. Although he spends a couple of days in the Andes he can often be found travelling around the Cusco región with her laptop ready to answer your email from just about anywhere and keeps control of the local guides.

Luisa Concha Sayre (Administrator)

Luisa is in charge of all the piles of paperwork. Although we do our best to be environmentally friendly and use the least amount of paper necessary, here in Cusco, some permits require printing .when it comes to buying your trek permits, The government authorities just love paperwork and  have a form for just about everything.

Neythan B(Founder, Part-time Publicity & manager)

Neythan initially helped to set up PeruWildTreks. He now works as a photographer, but occasionally lends a hand in answering emails when it’s busy. Neythan was born in Cusco city. Neythan has experience as a tour guide since 2016, taking visitors to different places and in 2018, he volunteered his time visiting local village festivals throughout Cusco and Peru where he spent his time staying with families in remote Andean communities as well as  learning traditional dances and drinking large amounts of local firewater.

Why choose PeruWildTreks ?

Since PeruWildTreks was founded in 2019 we have been working hard to become Cusco’s most responsible adventure tour operator. In the last 1 year we have operated more than 50 Alternative trek groups. We are the only company in Cusco-Peru that specializes in trekking and tours to MachuPicchu and since we operate all of our own treks we have complete control over the quality of our service. This allows us to attract some of the best guides, cooks, horsemen and porters in Cusco and provides them with work all year round. We have qualified guides working for us and an incredible team dedicated to make it an unforgettable adventure.